The Last Strand

“The Last Strand” is the first of the sequel of two fiction novels. Comprising of around 108,000 words, it weaves a mystical story about the life journey of a boy and his best friend Javed. Book’s firat teaser can be seen here:


This is an intriguing tale of two friends Shankar and Javed where their intense friendship navigates through the tests of the time, often winning but sometimes badly failing.
The bond they share becomes much stronger when they together take revenge for the killing of Shankar’s mother. However, after the incident, the two orphan boys leave their home in search of the higher purpose. Dealing with a fast changing world and their several vulnerabilities in New Delhi, both end up in the deceiving world of politics. Both rise as strong leaders but their relationships suffer and their foes raise their heads. One day, Shankar’s girlfriend, Sanyukta, goes missing. This throws every relationship for Shankar out of the equation and puts Shankar on an altogether different life path. He struggles to make peace with himself as his conscience is burdened with this loss after he lost his mother and before that his father. He travels back to the mountains where he belonged to and tries to explore himself through the companionship of Aria.
Later when he visits his village in Chandan Nagar, he is informed of an unknown phone call asking for him. The phone call once again leads him to Sanyukta and a secret. Behind the secret though lies an astonishing discovery. Ripples begin when he comes back to Delhi and joins Javed to solve the mystery. While every clue fails, there is a last strand that not only leads them to the unknown in this world but to another world as well.

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