I started reading this book with no expectations and then I read it in a single go without even blinking the eyeโ€ฆ., just like, how Gaura maan, a domesticated motherly Cow, the main protagonist of the story, wheezes past away the passersby with Raju riding her in the end. Great job by the author, Sandeep Kumar Rana, if this is your first, I am certain to see many more soon.
The author presented the characters very well. The societal structure, current circumstances where the religious faiths are so prone to clashes, and the surroundings are all well presented. The language is simple, precise and effective. No unnecessary embellishments were needed and the author had recognized that well. It’s not a lengthy novel, more like a novella and then it is very well paced. I only wished if it were a bigger novel, as Raju, Qasim and Gaura Maan are gonna stay with me for long.

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