The girl with her messed up hair,

The girl beholding her joys & tears,

The girl waiting for tomorrow’s morning,

The girl both excited & yawning,

Crawling by my side in my lonely nights

Bringing me smiles with her silly fights,

I love the way she looks at me,

Wherever I go she stays with me…

Fiction possesses the power – to make believe, to re-instill faith.  And this book will make you think about arrange marriages differently.

Building spot on connection, I was charmed by Aditya.  An engineer by profession, witty, likes poetry, lives in Mumbai and has suffered a serious heart break in the past. The family pressure to get him married is mounting. He neither intends to dive in the love lake again nor does he believe in the concept of arrange marriage. He is at a crossroad..doesn’t want to miss the bus but isnt ready to hop-on either.  Situation is triggered when his best friend JD marries – Arranged!

Aditya is pushed to meet the prospect -Nupur along with her family. With restricted access to each other, they have to decide on a life long commitment. Will the cupid strike ?

The story has seamless flow of thoughts, humor & appropriate intervining of characters.  Poetic add-ons are gripping. Two young hearts muffled with fear of unknown, take a chance to find their true love that would dwell deeper than mere attraction

To be continued..

Nidhi Vadhera

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