The word is “Intrigued”, when I read this first of the trilogy. All parts of the trilogy make a flamboyant appearance on my book shelf now. Giving you a peep into my personal reader’s experience here for all the book lovers here.

An aghori is a practitioner of Aghora, the spiritual discipline that takes Tantra to its farthest limits. He defined an Aghori in this way: “An Aghori is beyond the bounds of the earthly shackles; nay, something above the elements which shape the universe, and you. He takes a sort of intoxicant and thus gets intoxicated in Supreme Love which emanates from the innermost recesses of his heart.”


This is the story of the Aghori Vimalananda, penned by his student and disciple. Other books by the same author: Aghora II – Kundalini by Robert Svoboda, Aghora III – The Law of Karma by Robert Svoboda. The book has been written as a monologue giving you a sensation of sitting across the table in a bar from someone listening to their talk. There are chapters in the book about his experience that will shock you. The best part about this book is the way portions of it get stuck to your head and you keep chewing on those ideas like a stick of gum. Like, what would it really mean to transcend time and space. And how is it possible to ever stop thinking of yourself as your body.


Some readers may find this as an attempt for self promotion by a self proclaimed Aghori. You might debate the authenticity of the events. One might agree or disagree, it’s not the truth behind the tale but what has been told. The book can surely open gates to a new different world of learning. To readers he offered this warning: “Don’t take anything I say as gospel truth. I am human, I make mistakes. Test on yourselves what I’ve told you. Try it out, experience it, and then you will know whether or not I’m telling you the truth.”

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