“Soon I was watching from a distance as the two daughters and the good doctor were rubbing her palms, the sole of her feet and talking to her, telling her stories of the wonderful times in past … and their plans for the future. Her pulse rate was returning to normal. Her breathing was getting even. The prayer of 270-odd people seemed to be working.”

The first reason why I got tempted to read this book was its name. And when I finished reading a couple of stories, I understood the reason why this title must have been chosen. Let me give you a hint……

Chicken soup is a healthy and nourishing dish…..got it?

Ok, here is the explanation as per my understanding.

Each and every story of this book had a similar effect on me as well, healthy and nourishing. It is a collection of 101 very inspirational stories of Indian doctors, who served humanity in the toughest situations, challenging their capabilities and mental strength, just for the wellness of human being.

After reading the collection of stories you will start believing the saying “Doctors are next to God on the Earth”.

“In nothing do men more nearly approach the Gods than in giving health to men.”  – Cicero

In today’s world, based on many of our experiences, we see medical practitioners as the sheer businessmen who insensitively believe in making money out of everyone’s pocket, be it rich or poor. It is also true at some extent; however, it is wrong to blame the whole community. After reading the book I have much greater respect for the profession because I now know to some extent that under what crucial circumstances they work to save someone’s life.

The book’s theme doesn’t revolve only around praising the profession of health sector rather it clearly conveys the message that how important a life is and as a human being, sometimes a very small effort can prove to be the boon to someone’s life. A beautiful book with lots of inspiring tales of passion and compassion, I am the proud owner of it in my book shelf.

“Sir, after I had operated on the patient, I met the woman who had brought her to the hospital. A total stranger, she had hurried and tied a sheet around the patient to stem the loss of blood. I also spoke to the taxi driver who had given up his daily wage to help. I asked them why they did what they did for someone they did not even know. Their answer was simple yet revealing. They said that they could not stand and watch when someone so desperately needed help. I think I too felt the same. A part of me said that it was a hopeless case, but I felt that I could not let her die, without even trying to help. And I had to fight for that slim chance, even though the odds were stacked against her.”

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