“Learn from the whisper. Learn from from the noise. Learn from the quietness. And ask yourself “Why Not….!””

When I hold a book, smell the ink and read the first few pages, I get an idea whether the book is embracing me or not! If this feeling is mutual, just know that this book hugged me tight. I like to read what inspires me. I like to read thoughts that are free flowing; work that is backed up with honest examples and experiences. This book on my shelf, one of its kind is claimed to be the first management fiction work by an Indian author. There is nothing made up in this book for the sake of chapter completion. Each word touches upon the journey of an achiever highlighting aspects of professional sphere on top. Thoughts are put across with a compelling 360 degree view point analysis. Multiple management lessons have been discussed and elaborated with gripping examples. Unlike a typical management book where one principle is picked up and discussed, this work of fiction brings in the management lessons as part of the professional journey of the protagonist, highlighting their relevance and indispensability.

The book is a compilation of 27 chapters that provide nourishment to the management hungry brain. I could personally relate to “Sticking to a Decision” chapter. Haven’t we lived that moment of dilemma and awkwardness when we decide to move on to a new organization and worried about facing that one mentor in the existing team who guided us throughout our journey. An excerpt you might want to read is:

“Did I hurt Sundar? Why should I? Everyone has to move on. He is my mentor and he has taught me those five principles of management. He needs to support me. I respect you my mentor…I need your blessings forever. I am moving on because of your guidance. Let me try and leave with a great note. I will play for the team till I have the jersey with me, till the last day.”

By the time you finish the book, there may be a strong desire to write a fan mail to the author. It happened with me J.

“Most of the books told me “What” to do. I was looking for “Why” and “How” to have those qualities in me. I wanted someone to guide me from experience.

Leave aside friends, even enemies and strangers help us in our journey to Succeed.”

To be continued…


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