After finishing the first book of the series, Aghora at the left hand of the god, my impatience to read the next one in the series was palpable enough to be noticed by my good friend. He let me borrow that and the next one week flew watching the world through the mystic eyes of Vimalananda, superbly deciphered by, now one of my favorite authors, Robert E Svoboda. Let me give you a glimpse of what this book is all about.

Kundalini – Inner heat or kundalini fire that radiates outward and extends beyond the surface of your skin and physical body. The second volume in Aghora series continues describing the author’s personal experiences with the the sacred fire, chakras and consciousness. It describes the concept of chi, pranic energy or bio energy that flows through your body. The book also describes the author’s personal experience of the self-cleansing of the dark energies with the opening of each chakra.

You don’t need to fast, meditate, remain celibate or do any of the old past esoteric things in hopes of activating your kundalini energy. The author describes that each chakra exists within you and there are organs that exist in those related areas. Those are the organs that will have more stress in them while your kundalini fire is burning and surfacing old emotional energies you’ve stored in them. One must take care of himself a lot during these transformation phases. Often people are stuck with their kundalini fire in the lower three chakras and tend to overwhelm their mind with sexual issues, hunger and fear. The book describes the two choices for spiritual peace – jnana (my wish), and bhakti (thy wish). In both, all that is needed is “faith“.

For those, who crave for some spiritual food and magical realism, get the book in your shelf. It will be a stupendous journey…..:)

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