Collider : the search for the world’s smallest particles


“To confirm the existence of the God’s particle” has been the motto for physicists over the century. Prof Paul Halpern vividly tells the readers about the history to understand the building blocks of the matter. This book is not exactly a primer on the particle physics. However, it does present some technical aspects, physics behind the atom smasher. The book can be divided into several parts, where the first half of it is quite engaging to the reader, who wishes to understand the forces of nature and how physicists stumbled upon the idea of atom smashing. It also tries to uncover the events leading to the discovery of God’s particle or so it is pronounced.

Second half of the book is more technical explanation behind the world’s largest laboratories and how did the scientists and technicians manage to build it. The book itself is neatly written to explain the nuances behind the particle physics and details of the origins of quantum physics.

It is a great book for those who would love to understand how the large Hadron Collider actually works. Do not mistake it to be a physics book since it is not. Even though it gets a bit technical, the physics behind the whole thing is explained in layman terms. Some of the elements of the book like the wormholes, black holes and time travel does look a lot exotic. The writing style of the book is quite friendly and informal which is easier to follow. A beautiful book worth to be placed in my book shelf.

PS: This is worth a read but only for those who have a penchant for science and understanding of nature at its smallest scale. If you do not have an interest in science, please do not bother ;).


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