To Download “Let Bhutto Eat Grass”

It is not very often that you come across a book you strongly wish to talk about. I am no critic to review anyway, just a normal book lover like most of you who would read this. So, for those book lovers, I loved reading “Let Bhutto Eat Grass”. First reason, the intriguing title. The moment I saw this title on Amazon, I became curious and the curiosity led me to read it.

I realized that the author is a debutante, so I started reading with least expectations…. But all of you readers, beware, don’t do the same mistake. Start reading from the prologue with the highest expectations, I think the author is a natural. So, that became the second reason for me, the first work with such finesse in the story telling. I wonder what his upcoming work is going to be.

Third and the biggest reason for me to appreciate the work so much is the genre and the plot. After a long time, I picked something from the thriller genre. Usually my dose of thrill is limited to the Hollywood movies but this really worked for me. The plot is so well and carefully set that I didn’t miss any movie. With the traditional foes, India and Pakistan at the background, nuclear technology in midst of everything, it was already set for a marvelous narrative, which the author did complete justice to.

There is one more strong reason that I must state here. While the scene setting is very good (has a room for improvement), the characterization of each character was brilliant. After a few pages, the characters are so deep etched in your mind that even without the name, the reader can relate a dialogue with the actual character. I think that is a big achievement for the author. Each character with its unique voice adds a lot of credibility to the high adrenaline stuff that the book works upon. My favorite character Sablok, is still playing in my mind and it was on his insistence that I decided to write about the book….;) This is certainly not a book worth missing, get it for your book shelf.

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