We don’t need to be critic amongst everybody else doing so, since that is the easiest job to do…..finding flaws. So, we share the real reader’s experience and not the book review.

The real objective here is that the book lovers come on-board & share their personal journeys while reading the books, close to their hearts. We all as the readers have our highs & lows when we read. Why not to share those moments which made you feel really special, why not to tell the world how you felt so connected to the central character of that fiction book & why not to help a reader with a similar reading pattern identify the next book for himself through your portrayal of those characters? And why not to do all of this while stimulating your writing nerves which for long have been left dormant? Well, we could not understand why not & so rolled out “My Book Shelf” for all of you there expecting your whole-hearted support. For, the “My Book Shelvers” know that every book is special and will always have its special audience. Let’s connect them 🙂

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