We are those passionate readers who live the stories we read. Some of us are the courageous Scarletts making their ways to the love of their lives & some of us are the uncompromising Howards Roarkes, sticking to their artistic aspirations. Some of us question the wisdom of king Rama and some of us revere the political astuteness of Krishna. Many of us get hooked to every word written by Khalil Gibran & many others get smitten by the magical realism of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. We love stories, we enjoy poems & we connect with the business world through the exceptional knowledge recorded. we love & live these books as we find magic spelled on us through each word scribbled.

As already stated, we don’t do the book reviews here, instead we share the real reader’s experience. Come on-board if this reality check excites you as it does a whole lot of us.

If you ever want to talk about something, just shoot an email to authorvrbhardwaj@gmail.com. We shall promptly respond you.

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