A leisurely walk across the library and I fumbled upon this book on that last book shelf. The catchy print and the title made me curious enough to start reading it. An astounding feature of this book is its beginning which reads like “Only got a minute?” The next page (even catchier) reads “Only got…Read more UNDERSTAND THE MIDDLE EAST (SINCE 1945) Stewart Ross

Who We Are

We are those passionate readers who live the stories we read. Some of us are the courageous Scarletts making their ways to the love of their lives & some of us are the uncompromising Howards Roarkes, sticking to their artistic aspirations. Some of us question the wisdom of king Rama and some of us revere…Read more Who We Are


We don’t need to be critic amongst everybody else doing so, since that is the easiest job to do…..finding flaws. So, we share the real reader's experience and not the book review. The real objective here is that the book lovers come on-board & share their personal journeys while reading the books, close to their…Read more Home